Our first Kickstarter

The story regarding our first Kickstarter campaign to get funding for our new co-operation with Dutch Artist Kloes

1+ year ago our Creamlab webshop finally went live, along with a shitload of great items I posted a Blogpost regarding our origin story (careful, a long read) and waited for the sales to roll in like with my other company Mintyfresh. But I forgot about the first 3 years of Mintyfresh where you hardly sell anything because you got to build up a fanbase, product range and raise awareness for your brand.

We offered the items with some distributors and on Mintyfresh and brought them along to all our conventions. So far the response has been great, we expanded with more international artists, caps & t-shirts and all has been simmering steadily. But the dip is real. 

In my first blog post I ended with a Kickstarter reference... took me 1+ year to take it up again and actually make this into a real thing. You see Creamlab has been a fun project, but all is funded from Mintyfresh, the competition is fierce in the Designer toy world and with several asshole companies not delivering on time or cutting orders, people walk away and our rainy day fund was emptied quickly resulting in a quiet period of producing new goods for Creamlab.

This has now ended and our new collaboration with American artist MCA will see the daylight very soon. But this also made me think to see how people react to a single project based around 1 artist, with several products for a decent price, so I've been tinkering with Kickstarter again.

And trust me when I say it is hard, what rewards you offer? at what price? what will you write down? how will I make the film? which artist/artwork? what if it doesn't get funded? and about 1000 other questions doubting yourself and the project before you even told anyone. 

Our good friend Kloes is a local Dutch artist which has done a lot of artwork for us in the past, and we decided to go with him for our first Kickstarter campaign. He created Güs a while back for us and we loved him so much we made him our unofficial mascotte for now. He has given us a free hand in whatever we want to make with the design and we have some great idea's lined up for the campaign.

We've have gotten oruselves to the point to put all doubts aside and to just go for it, and specifically for a Quickstarter campaign, it is a short running project with a set of rules. A quick and easy turnover time, a small amount to be funded and low pledge amounts. All this got me and Chelsey excited and all we have to do is finalize the last details and film that intro movie to get this project officially of the ground.

We hope you and others will support our Campaign and be part of our ongoing journey, which will be continued soon!


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